Late Harvest

Bianco da Uve Stramature

Vino degli angeli


Late Harvest


Sweet wines


Friulano, Verduzzo Friulano, Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, Moscato Giallo d'Istria, Sauvignon

Sensory characteristics

Transparent, crystalline, intense golden yellow with highlights that are almost copper-colored.

Intense, great bouquet of fragrant flowers, slightly spiced nuances, oriental citrus fruit.

Mellow, sweet, refined, and clean.

Epoca di vendemmiaDopo 40-50 giorni, seconda decade di ottobre, raccolta degli acini appassiti sulla pianta.AffinamentoPer oltre un anno in piccoli carati di rovere.

Serve with

At the end of the meal and with desserts and sweets, also good with cheeses like Roquefort and tasty blue cheeses, also a good meditation and conversation wine.

Serving temperature

At 10-12° in the summer and 12-14° in the winter in a wide, long-stemmed glass which is shaped like a just-withered tulip.

Picking method
about 40 days; before the harvest each cooperative partner chooses the best 1000 clusters from a preselected vineyard; then as the illustration shows, with special flat-blade scissors they take care to crush the peduncle so as to favor the withering of the cluster directly on the plant; in due time, the picking of the grapes will be done strictly by hand.

for more than a year in small, durmast oak kegs.

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