Cormorano Rosé Brut




Sensory characteristics

Old-rose petals with shades of onion skin.

Of soft fruit, raspberries and strawberries.

Full, mellow, dry, nuances of considerable structure.

Is rich in mineral compounds, limestone, phosphorus, potassium and gravelly iron; is alluvial, pebbly, and typically called “Ferretti”.

Vine training system
Merlot: Guyot or simple Cappuccina, medium-short pruning, 5-10 buds. Pinot nero: Guyot-simple Cappuccina, excellent plant density, medium and long pruning which is not rich in buds. Methods of protection: integrated, supervised control which is partially conducted in biological form; traditional agronomic cultivation.

Harvest period
Second period of maturation, last ten days of September. Picking method: strictly by hand via a selection of clusters, as foreseen by the Statute’s production Regulations.

Serve with

As an aperitif, with fish and white meat dishes, raw prosciutto ham, bresaola (dried beef) and vegetable minestrone, omelets.

Serving temperature

At 8-10° in the summer and 11-13° in the winter in a medium-capacity glass which is half-orange shaped.

Separation of the berries from the stem and soft pressing using cooled pneumatic presses to extract from the skin the antioxidant substances which are beneficial to the human body; the must ferments at a controlled temperature inferior to 25°.

The foam is captured using the Charmat process according to the Cremant typology; it rests on yeasts for a medium amount of time and is then stored in bottles.

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