DOC Friuli - Natives

Friuli Aquileia

Refosco dal peduncolo rosso


DOC Friuli - Natives



Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso

Sensory characteristics

Intense red, almost black.

Of blackcurrant and blackberries, slightly spiced.

Tannic, pleasant spice, full, robust, of great character, sapid and salty, complex with good structure.

Distinctly clayey, marly-arenaceous, alluvial rubble, fresh.

Vine training system

Harvest period
Fourth period of maturation, first and second ten days of October.

Serve with

Friulan food, shanks, musetto (a type of Friulan sausage) and brovada, Triestine Yota (Istrian stew), sauerkraut and bean soup, game and grilled meats.

Serving temperature

At 15-16° in the summer and at 17-18° in the winter in a long-stemmed, wide, capacious, half-orange shaped glass; store the bottle in a fresh and secure place whose level of humidity is between 60-70%.

The de-stemmed berries macerate for 20 days and are then drawn into large durmast oak barrels.

In large durmast oak barrels for over a year.

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