DOC Friuli

DOC Friuli



DOC Friuli




Sensory characteristics

Sunflower golden yellow, shiny with lime green highlights.

Of hazelnuts, with scents of almond and fragrant dried flowers.

Refined, full, clean taste of roasted almonds and walnuts, silky.

Vine training system
Double Cappuccina, medium-long pruning but not rich in buds.

Harvest period
Third period of maturation, last ten days of September.

Serve with

An excellent aperitif which also goes well with cold-cut and prosciutto ham antipasti, fish and shellfish, fish soup, boiled meats, savory pasta dishes and herb risotto, boiled asparagus and white meats.

Serving temperature

At 8-10° in the summer and 12-14° in the fall-winter; store the bottle in a cool, dark place whose maximum level of humidity is 60-70%, and serve in a long-stemmed, wide capacious glass.

The de-stemmed grapes macerate at a low temperature for a long time in cooled pneumatic presses in order to extract from the skin the antioxidant substances which are beneficial to the human body; the must ferments at a controlled temperature and is then drawn into large barrels.

It rests on its own yeasts for 7 months in large, oval-shaped durmast oak barrels of different essences.

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