DOC Friuli

DOC Friuli



DOC Friuli




Sensory characteristics

Shiny, straw yellow with greenish tones.

Lightly of green peppers and nutmeg.

Refined, subtle, spiced with a slight inkling of green figs, structured and strong, silky.

Vine training system
Double Cappuccina with 8-10 buds.

Harvest period
Third and fourth periods of maturation, last ten days of September.

Serve with

Raw-fish antipasti and shellfish, blue fish, cheese canapés and vole au vent, risotto with mushrooms and boiled meats with sauces and mustards.

Serving temperature

Store the bottle in a cool, dark place and serve at 8-10° in the summer and 11-13° in the winter; serve in a long-stemmed, wide, capacious tulip-shaped glass.

The de-stemmed grapes are macerated at a low temperature for a long time inside cooled pneumatic presses so as to extract from the skin the antioxidant substances which are beneficial to the human body; the must ferments at a controlled temperature and is then drawn into large barrels.

It rests 6-7 months on its own yeasts in large oak barrels of different

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