Prosecco Brut





Sensory characteristics

Transparent and crystalline with fine and persistent bubbles, light mimosa yellow with grayish highlights.

Floral, of banana and caramel, fresh fruit and Golden apples.

Nimble and light, fresh and sapid, harmonically complex; the presence of residual sugars enhances the fruitiness.

Marly, sandstone, clayey due to alluvial transport, fresh, rich in mineral compound elements. Vine training system: double Cappuccina, Sylvotz, long pruning which is rich in buds.

Methods of protection
Integrated, supervised control which is partially conducted in biological form; traditional agronomic cultivation.

Harvest period
Fourth period of maturation, the last ten days of September and the first ten days of October.

Serve with

An excellent, classic aperitif in bars and as a lead-in to the meal.

Serving temperature

At 6-8° in the summer and 10-12° in the fall-winter in a flute-type glass

Picking method
Strictly by hand via a selection of clusters, as foreseen by the Statute’s production Regulations.

Separation of the berries from the stem and soft pressing using cooled pneumatic presses to extract from the skin the antioxidant substances which are beneficial to the human body; the must ferments at a controlled temperature no greater than 18°.

The foam is captured using the long Charmat process; it rests for a long time on autoclaved yeasts and is then stored in bottles.

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