The Selections

The Selections

Rosso Melograno


The Selections



Merlot, Cabernet Franc

Sensory characteristics

Intense red, bright garnet shades.

Of ripe wild fruits, slightly spiced, herby, aromatic, and sharp.

Full, mellow-complex, slight aroma of ripe tannins.

Vine training system
Merlot: Guyot or simple Cappuccina, medium-short pruning, 5-10 buds. Cabernet Franc: Guyot or double Cappuccina, long pruning but not rich in buds.

Harvest period
Fourth period of maturation, end of September-October, variable according to climatic progression.

Serve with

Savory first courses of the Central- Southern Italian cuisine, game and grilled meats.

Serving temperature

At room temperature in the winter and at 16° in the summer in a big, wide glass that’s shaped like a 3⁄4-cut orange

The de-stemmed berries ferment for more than two weeks in maceration; at the end of fermentation they are drawn.

In large, oak-essence barrels for over a year.

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